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Pennine Ink

We started in 1983 and we’ve been around for 36 years, and published 40 magazines – so we’re quite prolific!

We get submissions sent in from all across the world – India, Sri Lanka, America. We’ve had some strange submissions across the years – lots of non-English stuff, as well as American stream-of-consciousness work that we’re not really up for – the kind of stuff that goes on forever and you realise you’ve read 120 lines and they haven’t really said anything.

 Our group meet in the Woodman Inn every Monday. We get together and write around different themes, like ‘Is there something you should tell me?’, and then critique each other’s writing. We send to magazines, too.

We’ve had some successes along the way, but it can be hard. A few of us have self-published our books – there’s a few here at the market. We have some really great stories, funny stories. There’s one called ‘Spinach the Cat’ and that’s all I’ll tell you about it, you’ll have to see for yourself.

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