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Beautiful, it’s a beautiful place here. It’s my second home. Yeah I’m the boss. We’ve been here twenty years. Maybe more now. Ah, you hope for the good, ready for the worst.

We’ve got quite a lot of regular customers and disabled people, who can’t take the stairs, they ring up the market office, tell us what they need, and we take stuff down to them.

Everything. I only sell my favourite things. Yes the Mario bong, the dragon – that’s not a bong it’s an ornament. We have loads of vape flavours – vampire blood – that’s a brand name – apple pie flavour. And dancing monkey (that’s just sold out).

There used to be the other market, next to this one. And by the end there were three only three stalls there. And there was another bloke and he had seven. So we came in here. I wanted that shop, out there opposite. And then Sky got it so we couldn’t have it.

We moved in here probably, about two or three years ago, from the outside market. We need free parking for stallholders. I’m from Stoke – the car parking there it was £1.20 an hour or something and they dropped it down to 20p. We need that. Just in Burnley parking costs too much. It’s alright in Blackburn. And we don’t have a cash machine.

Yeah it’s good being here.

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